Volcano v1.1 - PayPal scam page

Antibot :

Integrated with BOTeye v 1.4
No proxy
No vpn
No antivirus bot
No phishing bot
No hosting bot

Encryption :

Css Encryption
Javascript encryption
Random js name
Random css name
Random image name
Random source code
Random fake url link
Random title name

Scampage :

Mobile friendly
*Login page
*Billing page
*3D/VBV page auto detect
*Link Bank page
*Link email page
*Upload id x3
*Thank you page
*Cookies auth
*One Time Access Code
Auto detect bank name
Auto detect bank url
Auto detect email domain
Auto detect bank logo
Auto detect email provider logo

Rezult :

You can use your email for rezult
You can use smtp server

Admin Panel :


User : admin
Password : pass

Only registered paypal email on/off - Premium
Only true login - Premium

Id page on/off
bank page on/off
link email page on/off
vbv/3d page on/off
smtp on/off
smtp configuration
Panel delete option
Change pass
Change rzlt email

 It must work with every hosting .


Edit your email in proxy.ini replace here with your email / reportmail='here'

Some advice

Don't spam using a https domain with name like paypal

or it end like that ( paypaq-login-usr.com-a.maindomain.com  )

the keyord ( paypaq ) => BAD => spoofed Paypal keyword

 The keyord ( com-a ) => BAD => Fake subdomain

The new bot scan your domain name before you upload the scam and report it to google asap!

for better result

use an old domain ( hacked one )


With multi subdomain with no https in it that redirect to your main domain

subdomain 1 

subdomain 2  => main domain

subdomain 3

After you upload it delete the zip file ( Required )

Contact me if there is error (msg) directly no hi or $hit like that


This is the free version the true login with unique code and you can request what you like to add in it cost